New Radar Detector Comparison Coming

With our annual appearance at SpeedZones rapidly approaching (last week of June) we have procured an arrest-me-red 2006 C6 corvette convertible for this year’s western route of our radar detector review.

This year we are expecting to compare: The latest versions of the best radar detectors currently being produced: Beltronics RX-65 Pro, Beltronics STI Driver, Escort 8500 X50, and the venerable Valentine V1 radar detectors.

Instead of using our 2005 Black Dodge Viper, we wanted to mix-up the American muscle with the latest that Chevy has to provide. All accounts is that this vehicle is as refined as a Porsche.

If that is really true, we are really looking forward to tooling around the roads of New Mexico, rural Arizona and Texas.

Even though petrol is north of $3/gallon, I don’t think I’ll be worring about that…a speeding ticket still eclipses these prices by a signficant margin…Hope we fare as well as we did last time out…Zero tickets…but hey, we weren’t tooling around in a bright red vette!

We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed! We should have a full report available for your reading pleasure, mid-July.

Veil Guy

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