Police Laser sales up a brisk 76% for 2006 over previous year

2006 is turning out to be a very strong year for police laser.

According to a source close to the acquisition process of traffic monitoring departments around the country and abroad, sales of police laser is growing at an ever-increasing rate.

This is likely due to the following key factors:

1) Older police radar guns may be replaced with newer police laser guns as they rotate out of service.
2) Police laser is getting much cheaper to own and operate. To wit, two new police laser guns from Kustom Signals have broken the $2000 mark and are now priced competively with some police radar units. Other manufacturers will likely follow trend to preserve market share.
3) As traffic density continues to climb in many areas, police laser provides inherent advantages in being able to track single vehicle single lane speed better than police radar.
4) Police laser is more flexible in a wider variety of targeting situations than police radar.
5) Traffic departments are finally getting acclimated to police laser.
6) Challenges in court/post-citation are less frequent than their radar counterparts as laser speed acquisition is more precise and less prone to operator error.
7) Court approval for police laser usage is now widespread.
8) Police laser guns are lighter and easier to operate than they used to be and are now very easy to operate.
9) Only the top performing laser detectors provide any useful warning to police laser usage.
10) Without countermeasures (VEIL/laser jammers) the top radar detectors provide little useful advanced warning to their owner.

Bottom line: Your chances of encountering a police laser speed trap is going up this driving season…Be prepared for it.

Veil Guy.

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