Bel STI driver radar detector production to soon go up

Beltronics has indicated to us that the daily production level output of the their hand-assembled STI driver radar detector is slated to double by mid June 2006. For those of you who are waiting for an STI driver, this is promising news as back-order levels have been fairly signficant and new units have been slow to make their way to the marketplace.

If you were wondering whether the Bel Sti Driver was going to ultimately replace their current flagship the RX-65 pro, the answer is no. As we expected, Beltronics will continue offering the RX-65 as their flagship “conventional” radar detector.

As indicated in our initial review of the STI driver, the stealth radar detector is going to be primarily directed towards “professional drivers” (eg: truckers – with an initial focus on truck-stops throughout the US). This appears to be a correct assessment of their strategy.

Expect a thorough performance examination of this unique radar detector in the coming months and a report on our findings in the follow-on to our very popular radar detector review of last year.

Veil Guy

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