Cobra DualPro 360 Cobra’s Highest Performing Radar Detector to Date is a Bargain

The new Cobra DualPro 360 is not your father’s Cobra!

Cobra DualPro 360 Review

We’ve put about 3000 miles over the past seven months of testing on the new Cobra Dual Pro 360m and we’ve come to the conclusion that not only is this the best radar detector ever offered by Cobra, it’s the best radar detector for the money.

For only $449, the Cobra DualPro 360 features include: a front and rear facing antenna, directional arrows, best-in-class filtering of K-band collision avoidance systems, GPS for use with its built-in photo-enforcement database, bluetooth for integration into Cobra’s iRadar smartphone and crowd sourcing application, to name some highlights.

For a more extensive information read our Cobra DualPro 360 review and for an extensive collection of video which feature the Cobra Dual Pro 360’s performance.

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