Veil G5 Test : Outbraking Latest Police Lasers – LTI SXB, Kustom PL4, DragonEye Compact

Stealth Veil G5 first test of its kind

Veil Outbrake test versus latest police laser guns: LTI SXB, Kustom Pro Laser 4, DragonEye Compact

In April of 2018, BuyRadarDetectors of Rock Hill, South Carolina performed an unbiased test of Veil, the first of it’s kind with the goal of determining whether a vehicle treated with Veil G5 could successfully outbrake the latest police lasers.

The late model police laser guns used consisted of the Laser Technologies TruSpeed SXB (LTI SXB), the Kustom Signals ProLaser 4, and the DragonEye Compact with the latest firmware at the time.

Even though the DragonEye police lasers have merely a 1% marketshare and there has been a disproportionate amount of focus on this gun in the forums, we have included the gun since it’s a nice gun, nonetheless and laser jammers have a tough time beating them.

You are far more likely to encounter a Kustom Signal’s police lasers because these have an extensive history and long-running contracts with police departments throughout the country for both laser and radar products.  The same holds true for police laser guns from LTI.

The latest Stalker gun, the Stalker RLR was not available for this test but will be included in a future test.

There have been a number of bogus reviews out there conducted by groups and/or individuals closely aligned with certain laser jammer companies–having direct financial interests in promoting certain laser jammer companies’ products–who have discounted Veil’s effectiveness.

Fortunately, the great group of guys from BuyRadarDetectors gave us an honest, thorough, and truly unbiased test of Veil G5.

The test was conducted using video from both inside the vehicle and from their targeting position giving you a unique view of the dynamics of the test.

For about one tenth (or less) the cost of police laser jammers, Veil has the ability to provide sufficient protection against police laser in typical targeting situations and since Veil is a stealth laser absorbing coating, it can be as or more effective than combating variable pulse laser guns like the DragonEye Compact where laser jammers would fail with instant-punch through regardless of the distance.

We would like to thank Danny and his crew for this test, the results of which speak for themselves.

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