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How (I Think, in Part) my BEL STi Drivers Occasionally Outperform my V1s in RADAR (not LIDAR) Reception

I continue to notice, that on occasion, my Beltronics STi Drivers outperform my Valentines and I believe I have formulated a possible reason for this that may go beyond simple model to model variance that is inevitable in production. While my V1s tend to consistently outperform my STi Drivers from the rear and extreme sides …

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My Valentine 1 (v3.826) Was in Need of a ‘Tune-Up.” Does Yours?

As it turns out my Valentine 1 was in need of a “tune-up.” For the sake of saving some time and for our drive back home from Ohio, my wife and I decided to purchase their latest V1 (v3.861) [bringing our total ownership to four V1s over 15 years] instead of paying $85 and having …

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