New & Improved Veil G5.10 Now Shipping

New & Improved Veil G5.10 Now Shipping

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 19, 2016

Veil Corporation, manufacturer of Veil G5, releases new and improved version of Veil G5 called Veil G5.10.

This updated version of Veil G5 has been specifically engineered to counter newer police laser guns which have been making their way into the field–including jam resistant police lasers.

Veil G5.10 has been designed to be most effective in a two coat application process, instead of just one (like previous versions of Veil), to further decrease the targeting range of police laser as well as improve the blocking of infrared imaging used by IR photo enforcement and license plate scanning systems.

This new version of Veil was designed to be lighter and less noticeable than previous versions of Veil when applied to both license plates and headlights.

Controlled testing has shown Veil G5.10 to further reduce the targeting range of headlights with two-coats of Veil G5.10 versus a one-coat of Veil G5–while retaining a similar appearance to a one-coat application of Veil G5.

However, the “tests” that matter most are those conducted in the real-world, against genuine police laser enforcement in real-world targeting scenarios.  Such tests have demonstrated noticeable improvements with Veil G5.10 as a countermeasure to police laser traffic enforcement.

Veil G5.10 is currently shipping and is also available through their authorized dealers.  The retail pricing of Veil G5.10 remains unchanged at $97.95USD.

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