Escort Max 360c Review Preview: Industry’s Highest Tech Radar Detector Yet

Escort Max 360c Review Preview

The Industry’s Highest Tech Radar Detector Yet

Escort Max 360c Radar Detector

Escort continues to develop new and innovative radar detectors (at increasingly high price points) and the new Escort Max 360c is no exception.

Think of an Escort Max 360c as a smaller more capable Max 360 with built-in WIFI connectivity that can communicate directly through the Internet to cloud services, such as Escort Live! and potentially other services (hint, hint).

The Max 360’s highlights:

  • Escort Max 360c has all of the features of the original Max 360
  • Front and rear facing antenna with directional arrows
  • GPS photo enforcement and red light camera database
  • Direct WIFI connectivity to Escort Live! and software updates
  • Magnetic mount found on the Escort iX and Escort Redline EX
  • K-band segmentation
  • Ka-band segmentation
  • Auto LoK reduced K-band sensitivity
  • New improved bright OLED display

To learn more, read our in-depth Escort Max 360c radar detector review preview.

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