750 miles put on a production Escort Passport 9500i in one weekend.

I’ve been so anxious to drive with the latest production version of Escort Passport 9500i, that when I received one this past Friday, I couldn’t wait to start putting some serious miles on it so I took my wife (aka Veil Gal) on a two day driving circuit that included PA, NJ, and DE. All in all, we put on about 750 miles these last two days, encountered a combination of seven pulsed X-band/K-band Police RADAR/Police Laser speedtraps, and have some updates for you guys. Lisa and I were lucky to have been able to hook up with Mike (aka thestaton from the radardetector.net forum) and some friends for a quick bite at TJIFs at Dover.

First. The 127mph real-time speed display limitation has been resolved. We were able to briefly achieve an indicated 130mph on the 9500i before we had to back off.

Second. The Passport 9500i still appears to have signal ramp issues with both X & K band that occur between about 3/10-4/10 strength to 10/10 strength levels – there seems to be little mid-level strength indication during an approach to an X/K RADAR source.

Third. Ergonomically, the 9500i is superior to both BEL STi Driver and Escort Passport 8500 X50 in my opinion. We found little/no pulsating effect of the auto-dimmed LEDs and buttons as we have on the Beltronics STi Driver. The 9500i’s audio is vastly improved over the Escort Passport 8500 X50 in fullness, loudness, and distinct tonal quality.

Fourth. The Passport 9500i feels much more like an 8500 than a BEL RX65 Pro, even though a number of ergonomic features have been incorporated into the 9500i from both the BEL RX-65 Pro and the BEL STi Driver. Despite the oft misconception, Escort radar detectors have a distinctly different personality than Beltronics radar detectors in operational performance.

I will continue to post updates about the Escort Passport 9500i when appropriate.

Veil Guy

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