Whistler Pro 78SE, XTR-695SE, XTR-690SE Review

New for 2009: Whistler Pro78 SE, Whistler XTR-690SE, Whistler XTR-695SE

The SE, may officially stand for Special Edition. But, what it really stands for is MAX(imum) Ka Performance

I am very pleased that the much anticipated new Whistler Pro-78SE, Whistler XTR-690SE, and Whistler XTR-695SE models will soon be making their way to your favorite radar detector retailer.

For 2009, these three related Whistler radar detector models are especially noteworthy for their improved Ka and laser reception performance.

As has been the case in the recent past, Whistler has afforded me the privilege of an advanced look at their new flagship model line-up.

I have taken each of them for an extended drive and pitted them against a bunch of real-world traffic enforcement to ultimately determine how improved the new Whistler XTR-695SE, Whistler XTR-690SE, and Whistler Pro-78 SE models really are.

Were they worth the wait? Well, here’s what I found:

Whistler Review: XTR-695SE, XTR-690SE, Pro-78SE

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