Whistler: A lot more than just a Radar Detector Manufacturer

During my visit to SEMA this year, I visited Whistler’s booth and was surprised to learn that in recent years, Whistler has been evolving as a company that produces a wide range of appealing and practical consumer electronic products beyond merely radar detectors.

Whistler now offers some great products that every owner of an automobile should seriously consider having in their trunk or glove-box.

Whistler MotoGlo Helmet Safety Light

For motorcycle owners, Whistler offers a very interesting safety enhancing product called the MotoGlo Helmet Safety Light.  This unique product enhances safety by essentially giving the rider the equivalent of a CHMSL and directional indicators for a motorcycle.  At less than $100, it’s cheap insurance.

Whistler Portable Cup Holder Power Inverter

Whistler also offers a wide variety of power inverters of varying size and capability–including some very portable ones that can attach to your in-vehicle’s 12v cigarette lighter outlets–to power a variety of 120v electronics.  The small sizes of many of their models coupled with their low price points make them very compelling alternatives to other manufacturers’ power inverters.

Whistler Jump & Go Portable Jumpstart and Power Supply

Their innovative Jump & Go portable jump vehicle starter and power supply kits have to be seen to be believed.  Imagine holding the power of an emergency car battery in the palm of your hand.  Well you don’t have to.  Whistler makes it a reality.  No longer do we have to carry heavy and large jump starters.  Beyond vehicle starting, these kits can be used as portable power supplies that can be safely taken in the wilderness.  Every road warrior or outdoor explorer should own one of these–especially at their price points of less than $100.

As the holiday season is upon us, both the Jump and Go, MotoGlo, and their small(er) inverters make great stocking stuffers! Something that I am doing for my own family members.

For scanner fans, Whistler offers a full-range of technologies in both portable and base-unit models that, I believe should merit serious consideration.

Sure, Whistler continues to offer great value-priced radar detectors like the CR85 and CR90, but you should know that today, Whistler is a whole lot more than just a radar detector manufacturer.

Give ’em a look, you’ll like what you find.

Whistler Group Official Manufacturer Web Site

Wishing everyone a Blessed Christmas and News Year’s Holiday

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