Travel to the Fireball Run

After spending two nights with one of my cousins and her husband (Lin & Randy) at Charlotte, NC I set out to complete the final leg of my journey to Orlando, FL for the start of the Fire Ball Run trans-continental rally.

In the spirit of the original Cannonball Race(s) and the original Smokey and the Bandit movie, I planned to make some very good time, despite my unfortunate encounter with a PA State Trooper, yesterday. Today I would lose the cell phone and focus on the singular task of driving.

For this day, I chose to use the only two radar detectors that I believe are up to the task of (what I coined) Z-rated (149mph+) speeds–the Beltronics STi Driver and the Valentine One. Other countermeasures I used were Veil (of course) and my Blinder Xtreme two-head laser jammer system.

I donned my Bandit Cowboy Hat, popped in a Clint Black CD, and listened to the rhythms of CGB and Jerry Reed (aka “The Snowman”).

Despite a morning rush-hour traffic (around Charlotte), one fuel stop, two 10-100 breaks, and seven instant-on Ka (five 35.5, two 34.7) police radar encounters, I managed to cover 423+ miles in a blistering 4.5 hours. My trip computer indicated my average speed for this portion of my trip was in excess of 89.8mph (inclusive of all stops).

I picked up a flogger (another Yankee from the Keystone state) on my tail and after repeated attempts to shake ’em (in excess of the century and a half mark) I resigned myself to stop trying.

So, I left Charlotte at 7.30 and arrived at Jacksonville, FL at a few ticks after 12.10. The remaining portion of my trip to Orlando was at a somewhat slower pace (do to heavier traffic and the occasional “snowbird” piloting their Caddy in the left-lane at a somewhat less than optimal speed). I arrived in Orlando at 14.05…ticket free. Mission accomplished: my arsenal of countermeasures served my interests, quite well, indeed.

Met up with Radar Roy and the Blinder Dude at the FBR pre-race party and met a bunch of very interesting fellow racers.

The race starts Saturday morning 9.00EDT.

The pace of the race should actually be slower than the pace it took me to arrive.

Veil Guy

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