Spectre RDD ™ Mk IV and Spectre RDD ™ Mk IV + Radar Detector Detectors

New Spectre RDD ™ Mk IV and Spectre RDD ™Mk IV + Radar Detector Detectors produced by Australian-based Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd.

The Spectre RDD (radar detector detector) is a highly specialized, very sophisticated, and high performance RF receiver tuned specifically to detect the usage of proximate radar detectors.

The Spectre RDD listens for the faint microwave [LO] emissions generated by all conventional [superheterodyne] radar detectors* and audibly and visually alerts when such a radar detector is operating nearby.

According to Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd:

The Spectre IV and Spectre IV + are identical, but the later model is optimized for use by Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) units in regions where radar detectors are legal for passenger vehicles.

Inexpensive, poorly designed radar detectors are commonly encountered in these areas. Many have poorly shielded local oscillators- the component used to generate a reference signal- and emit a powerful signal. The Spectres’ extreme sensitivity enables it to detect such radar detectors at very long range, often one mile or more. This can lead to frequent, long duration alerts, often at ranges where positive target identification is impossible to establish.

More expensive radar detectors typically are better engineered and have lower emissions, making them more difficult to detect. The Spectre IV + is designed to automatically reduce detection range when encountering cheap, high polluting detectors. Yet it accomplishes this with out affecting its ability to detect the higher end, low polluting models.

Another attribute of the Mk IV and IV + is its enhanced ability to limit false alerts caused by the microwave signals common to urban areas. These include microwave automatic door sensors, intrusion alarms and other devices operating on the same frequencies occupied by radar detector local oscillators.

Long-established authority on speed-measuring technology and tactics, Craig Peterson has been kind enough to share his exclusive test results (with permission from Stealth Microsystems) of both the Spectre RDD Mk IV and Spectre RDD Mk IV + versus a spectrum of current radar detector models exclusively on Speed Trap Hunter for your reading pleasure. Up until now, these results were closely held.

I would like to express a hearfelt thanks to both Stealth Microsystems and Craig Peterson** for making this information available to us:

Spectre RDD Mk IV, Spectre Mk IV + versus late-model radar detectors

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Veil Guy

*Note: Both Beltronics and Escort are currently producing radar detectors which have demonstrated to be undetectable by all radar detector detectors. These high-end models currently include the Beltronics STi Driver and the soon to be released flagship models of both companies, the Escort Passport 9500ci and the Beltronics STi-R remote radar detectors. While not technically a “stealth,” The Escort Passport 9500i (windshield mount) radar detector is also very hard to detect for the Spectre RDDs.

**Among Craig’s many talents, he has authored several books including his latest and most informative: Driver’s Guide to Police Radar.

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