Detailed Laser Detector Tests, Reviews, & Comparisons

Over the years of Veil’s development, we have tested with the top performancing radar detectors: the Beltronics/Bel RX65 Pro, Escort 8500 X50, and the Valentine 1. Recently, we have added a Beltronics STi Driver to our detector line-up.

We have noticed that the performance of majority of these radar detectors varies depending upon the police laser gun used to target our test vehicles.

We were curious to investigate more closely and have prepared a report which chronicles these differences.

We pitted these radar laser detectors against all currently available generation 3 (Gen III) police lasers:

Kustom Signal Pro Laser III

Laser Atlanta S

Laser Atlanta S – stealth mode

Laser Technology Ultralyte 100LR

Stalker LZ1

Read the following to see what we found out:

Laser Detectors Reviews, Tests, & Comparison

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