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Spectre IV US Distributor Stalker Elects to Misinform Law Enforcement about its Radar Detector Detectors (RDDs)

UPDATED: 05 Aug 08 A friend of mine from down under (who apparently was the catalyst behind the recent story about the Spectre IV RDD not being able to detect certain radar detectors) has informed me that the US Distributor (Stalker) for the Spectre IV and Spectre IV+ radar detector detectors (RDDs) has decided (likely …

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Spectre RDD ™ Mk IV and Spectre RDD ™ Mk IV + Radar Detector Detectors

New Spectre RDD ™ Mk IV and Spectre RDD ™Mk IV + Radar Detector Detectors produced by Australian-based Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd. The Spectre RDD (radar detector detector) is a highly specialized, very sophisticated, and high performance RF receiver tuned specifically to detect the usage of proximate radar detectors. The Spectre RDD listens for the …

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