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Cobra XRS R10G, R8 & Cobra XRS 9960G, XRS 9955 GPS-Enabled Radar Detectors

Cobra XRS 9960G & Cobra XRS R10G Cobra XRS R10G/Cobra XRS R8 & Cobra XRS 9960G/Cobra XRS 9955 New GPS-Enabled Radar Detectors Update: 08 MAR 09 Our Full Review: Cobra XRS-9960G Review It’s clear to me that GPS-enabled radar detectors—able to alert to the presence of nefarious speed cameras and red light cameras—are here to …

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The Ultimate $1000 Windshield-Mount Radar Detector

I have been thinking about posting this one for quite some time and given that Beltronics is soon to release their new BEL GX65 radar detector and that we will soon be entering the extended holiday (shopping) season, I feel perhaps now is the time to post this entry as an addition to my short …

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Cheetah C100: GPS Mirror Capability in Small Form Factor

New Cheetah C100 GPS Detector For viewers who watched Al’s recent news interview about the Cheetah GPS Mirror , you know that Cheetah hinted of a new smaller unit. Well today, it was made official: Cheetah is further enhancing their product offering with a new smaller GPS detector (red-light camera, fixed camera, mobile speed camera) …

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