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Automated Red Light Cameras, Speed Camera Photo Enforcement: For Safety or Profit?

UPDATED: 09 AUG 07, 2342 During the course of my research of automated red light camera and speed camera photo enforcement technology, I felt compelled to ask myself this question: Is the adoption of these systems really about enhancing traffic safety or generating revenue [for the local/state governments which deploy them] and profits [for the …

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A Closer Look at Automated Enforcement: Red Light Cameras/Speed on Green Cameras/Radar-LIDAR Speed Cameras

UPDATED: 8 MAY 09 COURT MARTIAL. Full Episode: Star Trek: The Original Series/Court Martial One of my favorite episodes of Star Trek (TOS) was a story—by visionary Gene Roddenberry four decades ago—about the perils of using a high-tech witness against Captain Kirk. His trial nearly cost Kirk’s entire career and fine reputation of being a …

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