Don’t Take the Law Enforcement Officer Out of Law Enforcement!

Unbelievable as it may sound, I have again been falsely accused by an Automated Photo Enforcement system (another Automated Toll Enforcement system)and a faceless corporation of Toll Evading. This now makes it twice in fewer than six months!

Once again, this leaves me in the precarious position of being denied due process, while providing me no means of facing my accuser, is entirely rooted in hearsay, (and what’s worse) is absent an actually identifiable individual responsible for this hearsay!

Truth is stranger than fiction!

To witness the details of yet another fiasco in the making, please read:

Photo Enforcement: Is Automated Photo Enforcement Constitutional or Subverting Constitutional Rights?

As a result of this happenstance I have decided to make my appeal directly to the law enforcement community (and not to the supporting politicians and for-hire lobbyists):

Please, don’t [let them] take the law enforcement officer out of law enforcement!

Veil Guy

© 2008

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