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MPH Industries now only “recommends” not using POP mode RADAR for issuing tickets

MPH’s POP RADAR I recently noticed MPH industries’ website was updated (actually the update occured a while ago, but hey, the Net is a big place): “MPH recommends that the officer obtain a tracking history of a speed violator by operating the radar in normal transmit mode after determining with POP mode that the vehicle …

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New Lasers: Kustom Signals Pro Lite/Pro Lite Plus

KS has released two new diminutive (less than 1b each!) police laser guns that are binocular-styled which can be worn around the neck. They are called the Pro Lite and Pro-Lite+ and will supplement the Pro III. According to KS site (which was offline at this time): The Pro-Lite is a single-shot version that includes …

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Detailed Laser Detector Tests, Reviews, & Comparisons

Over the years of Veil’s development, we have tested with the top performancing radar detectors: the Beltronics/Bel RX65 Pro, Escort 8500 X50, and the Valentine 1. Recently, we have added a Beltronics STi Driver to our detector line-up. We have noticed that the performance of majority of these radar detectors varies depending upon the police …

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STI Driver Radar Detector Mini-Review

I am pleased to report that after spending several weeks with Beltronic’s newest and most unique radar detector, I have accumulated enough experience behind the wheel with it to proffer some preliminary opinions. Bel STI Driver Preview I am refraining from undertaking a complete and thorough review until the production of the STi Driver radar …

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Ku Band Radar. Is it really coming to our shores?

According to one of our sources, the older european radar band is likely not coming to our shores.

RDD invisibility skeptics

Since the publishing of a recent report on the invisibility of the STI driver to the SPECTRE III, we have come to learn of two skeptics of those findings. It’s been suggested that a modified SPECTRE II is not the same as an actual SPECTRE III. We’ll just have to wait a little bit longer …

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Ides of December

Yesterday (15 DEC 05) may prove to be one of the most significant days (in the world) for decades (generations) to come – and serve as an exemplar of the guileless importance/potential of connectivity. With the vote in Iraq and surrounding areas from Iraqi expats, the ME region appears to be continuing its nascent steps …

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The really big and exciting news this Christmas season comes from Beltronics – STI Driver Undetectable Detector!

Some believed it was not really possible or feasible, BUT: Bel has recently announced a new high-end model called the STI Driver. A recent SpeedZones field test found the STI Driver to be completely undetectable by all currrent RDDs such as the SPECTRE III! The STI Driver model has been in the offing for some …

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Radar detectors testing methodology

I wanted to create a short note addressing the concerns expressed by a few that our testing methodology is “flawed” whenever we compare two high-end detectors “side-by-side.” Certain individuals have commented that testing radar detectors in this fashion is taboo. After living with the three top radar detectors over the years and have personally driven …

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Hello World!

This is the Veil Guy saying, “hello” to all driving enthusiasts out there! Since the radar detector industry is developing new technologies more quickly than we have been documenting on the veil site, we have decided to create a blog to document the changes that occur during the interim period of our new reports reviews. …

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