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Janet Napolitano Head of Homeland Security (DHS): Bad Idea

Janet Napolitano: Homeland Security Secretary (DHS), USA (United Socialists of America) While much of the buzz with the news media has been surrounding the possible appointment of New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, the reporting today concerning the appointment of Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano as the replacement Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS), by the incoming …

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Automated Photo Enforcement: A Growing Cancer Undermining the Very Fabric of our Civil Liberties

UPDATED: 11 Aug 07, 0730 The more I research the ways and means of automated photo enforcement, the more I realize that these systems, the companies which provide them, the professional lobbyists which ‘sell’ them, the legislators which allow them, and the ‘progressive’ judges which re-affirm their ‘legality’ are each contributing to the erosion of …

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