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How (I Think, in Part) my BEL STi Drivers Occasionally Outperform my V1s in RADAR (not LIDAR) Reception

I continue to notice, that on occasion, my Beltronics STi Drivers outperform my Valentines and I believe I have formulated a possible reason for this that may go beyond simple model to model variance that is inevitable in production. While my V1s tend to consistently outperform my STi Drivers from the rear and extreme sides …

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How to quiet-down your Valentine One without giving up performance

Yesterday (Sunday), I drove my usual Northeasterly route – which takes me through parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey that go by some heavily populated areas and heavily traveled highways. Oftentimes, it is in these kinds of areas, where the Valentine One’s extreme sensitivity can become…well…tiring…to put it nicely. Sure the V1 alerts with high …

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