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An Examination of Technology, Driver Inattentiveness,Traffic Controlling Devices, and Their Impact on General Highway Safety

UPDATED: 26 MAY 07 Several days ago, we had several interesting questions posed from two members of the premier online forum dedicated to the discussion of radar detectors on which Veil, participates. Ray had asked if another collision avoidance system that was appearing on certain Volvo models named Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) — which …

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24Ghz ACC/ADAS Systems Causes Most Radar Detectors to False with Very Strong 24 Ghz K-band Alerts

UPDATED 21 MAY 07: Since we first observed the falsing behavior of K-band with a late model Valentine 1, when in the proximity of an Audi Q7 last week, we have been working non-stop on improving our understanding of the dynamics of the Q7’s system and believe now to have a much better handle on …

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