VeilGuy’s In-depth Uniden R3 & R1 Review

Uniden R3 & R1 Review

An in-depth look at these two spectacular new radar detectors

Published 8/1/17, by VeilGuy

 Uniden R1 & Uniden R3 Radar Detectors

After a couple of months of driving with both the Uniden R1 and Uniden R3 radar detectors, it’s clear to me that these two new detectors are simply amazing. There really is no other way to put it.

Not only do the R1 and R3 offer astounding levels of performance, they do it in a well-refined manner that I wouldn’t have expected to see at this stage in their industry engagement.

Uniden has been in and out of the radar detector market over the years, but with these two radar detectors that they’re marketing, it would appear that they’ve been committed to this industry as much as the more established players (if not more so).

I understand that Uniden has other things in the works that should continue to dazzle us, which will be no small feat, because already the R1 and R3 are exceptional and may hard to top, that’s how good these detectors are.

Those of you who have followed me over the years know that historically my “go to” detector has been the Valentine 1 (and when it comes to laser detection, it will remain so for the foreseeable future).

Other detectors have come along that have, at times, provided greater sheer performance (such as the Escort Redline), but what has kept me coming back to the V1 is its overall balance and refinement.

Everything the V1 does, it does well. Every feature the V1 has, serves a genuine purpose. I’ve always maintained that a radar detector is greater than the some of its individual parts.  The V1 is a driver’s detector.

So, if I were to say that the Uniden R3 is the radar detector that I would consistently choose now to protect me from police radar enforcement, that would be saying something extraordinary.

After driving with these two new Unidens, especially the Uniden R3, well folks, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

When you finish reading my review, you’ll understand why.

Uniden doesn’t live in a vacuum, so it’s going to be interesting to see how other manufacturers respond, but given my experiences with both the R1 and R3, they’ve clearly have their work cut out for them.

It’s going to be very exciting to see what Uniden has up their sleeves for the future.  From what I understand, we’re not going to be disappointed.

In the meantime, the R1 and R3 are here now for all of us to enjoy (provided they can manage to keep them in stock, given the overwhelming demand).

Escort Redline EX Preview Review: Escort Takes “Extreme” to a New Level

Escort Redline EX Preview Review

Escort Redline EX Radar Detector
Escort Redline EX Radar Detector

It’s hard to believe that it has been more than a decade since Escort released its first truly undetectable radar detector, the Beltronics STi Driver, but looking back at my early review it’s right there in black-and-white.

In otherwords, that’s how old the original technology of the underpinnings of the Escort Redline (the Driver’s stablemate) is and to be candid, it’s been showing for a good number of years.  So much so, I regarded the Redline more as an academic exercise in supreme engineering than one of practicality.

Clearly Escort’s customers have felt the same way, as the Redline was never really a big seller by comparison to the more popular radar detectors like the Escort Max/Max2, Escort Max 360, and more recently the Escort iX.

Things may be poised to change, though, with the introduction of the new Escort Redline EX.  I became aware of its development in early January of 2017 and at the request of Escort, held my introductory article until a more appropriate time (ie; closer to the Redline EX’s public availability).

Escort intends to remedy the weaknesses of the original Redline with capabilities that have been available on their other radar detectors.  This remedy includes the incorporation of GPS and its associated class-leading Defender database of photo and red light camera enforcement; advanced K-band filtering; and bluetooth integration, among other key elements.

As is customary with Escort, the new Redline EX pricing is expected to be $50 more than the outgoing Redline.

The Redline EX is a detector that at one time, Escort maintained that they “could not” or “would not” build, but with the advent of some new players on the block, including the Radenso XP and the new uber-sensitive GPS-enabled Uniden R3, Escort needs a new radar detector like this to stay relevant, in my opinion.

Read more about the Redline EX, here.

RadarBusters getting limited allocation of the Uniden R3 and Uniden R1

RadarBusters getting limited allocation of the Uniden R3 and Uniden R1

I’ve just been informed that RadarBusters will be receiving their first allocation of both the Uniden R3 and Uniden R1 radar detectors and so they are now accepting orders on them.

Both the R3 and R1 radar detectors are considered by the early beta testers as being some of the hottest yet and in some cases, exceeding the detection performance of the mighty Escort Redline but cost for $150 to $250 less.

For those interested in being early adopters see the following link.

Uniden R3 Radar/Laser Detector
Extreme Range GPS Radar/Laser Detector

Uniden R1 Radar/Laser Detector
Extreme Range Radar/Laser Detector

Uniden is in the process of sending me a couple of units so that I can perform a real-world test of some actual production units.

In the meantime, a big shout out to Uniden for really stepping up their game and those in the online community that have helped in their efforts!

Veil Guy

Preview/Review: Uniden R3 & Uniden R1 Radar Detectors

Preview/Review: Uniden R1 and Uniden R3 Radar Detectors

Hold on to your hats, boys and girls, the storm has arrived!

Uniden R1 & Uniden R3 Radar Detector
Uniden R3/Uniden R1 Radar Detectors

The last several years have been a momentous time for competition in the radar detector industry.

Just like our past Presidential election and BREXIT, 2017 seems to be the year of the anti-establishment making its presence felt.

Beyond the ostensibly tectonic-shifting merging of the establishment players of Escort, Beltronics, and Cobra into one organization (which runs counter to competition), there have been some new and (one long-standing) manufacturers establishing or re-establishing a presence in the U.S. market.  I’m going to refer to these two companies as the “outsiders” or “anti-establishment” manufacturers.

Radenso, one of these new comers, has released three radar detectors in particular that are noteworthy for their performance, feature-sets, and reasonable pricing–with their Radenso XP, Radenso SP, and Radenso Pro SE radar detectors.

And now Uniden America (is looking to really shake things up) with two new extreme performance and “RDD-immune” radar detectors, called the Uniden R1 and Uniden R3.  Both of these detectors represent the third evolution of the well-regarded Uniden LRD-950 (and LRD-850) that were introduced a few years ago (which were updated to the Uniden DFR7 and Uniden DFR6, respectively).

In my view, it is really remarkable that both of these companies (Radenso & Uniden) have evolved their products so well in such short periods.  The pace of these improvements and refinements makes the more established manufactures look like they’re going in slow motion, dare I say, resting on their laurels and past accomplishments.

Innovation drives competition and vice-versa.

But more than just innovation is at play here.  It’s the engagement.  Engagement with the consumer.

It’s the “connectivity.”  It includes the staffing and the partnering with those who understand and have historical knowledge and interest in the health of the industry. It’s the relationships. It’s the knowing your customer-base; listening to your customer-base; and delivering on what they’re asking for.

Given the rapidly changing (deteriorating) RF landscape and the appearance of new more-difficult-to-detect police radar and police laser, the most established radar detector manufacturers who are slow to improve their product offerings in substantive ways are going to find themselves less relevant.  The rapid pace of change that has been routinely effecting other industries, is now upon the shores of the radar detector industry.

Iconic products, like the Escort Redline can no longer afford to remain little changed for an extended period of time. I specifically mention the Redline because these Unidens are clearly taking aim at the Redline/Magnum. (Note: Escort is not standing still, either).

Uniden appears to be positioning itself in the market for the long-term.  To that end, it’s also encouraging to hear from them that they intend to strenuously enforce tight pricing controls and consistency of these two fine detectors across the entire sales and distribution channel.

As a result, the entire sales channel and specialty dealer base that will do the heavy lifting in product education and customer front-line support will be protected, which directly enhances brand value, something that is essential for growing market share. To be sure, Uniden hasn’t historically taken this approach, but they are sending the right signals now with these detectors.

When manufacturers do not; allow online entities (like Amazon) and big-box retailers to race to the bottom on price, and/or end up competing themselves (and undermining) their own sales channel, the only differentiator ultimately becomes price in the consumer’s mind.  The products produced become mere commodities and long-term brand value suffers as a consequence.

These matters can be further complicated when other more nimble manufacturers increasingly offer products at lower price points (and better values), beating them at their own game since price became the driving factor, not brand distinction.

At least for now, Uniden (as well as Radenso) appear to understand this with the introduction of their latest Uniden radar detectors and are providing the critical end-to-end support from the manufacturer to ensure collective channel viability.  Let’s hope they don’t lose sight of this once their products (and brand names) become more mainstream.

So, without question, the game is on.

Despite some unprecedented consolidation of the marketplace, these two “new outside” players are going to ensure that innovation will continue to ultimately separate the winners from the losers.

These “new innovators” are the Tesla to the GM; the David to the Goliath.

The best part is the consumer (ie; we drivers) are going to be the ultimate beneficiaries.

And this my friends, is the real tectonic-shift in this small and specialized industry.

You can read more about these new detectors with our brief overview.

Best place to purchase your Uniden detector:

Radenso SP Review: Radenso XP sans GPS for $150 Less

Radenso SP Review: Radenso XP sans GPS for $150 less

Radenso SP
Radenso SP Radar Detector Review

Radenso, the innovative new radar detector manufacturer, has recently released their new Radenso SP.

The Radenso SP, is essentially a Radenso XP without built-in GPS capabilities.  The SP retails for $249, which is $150 less than the GPS enabled XP, which retails for $399.

Even though the SP is now their entry level radar detector, it by no means offers entry-level performance.

Like the Radenso XP, expect the SP to offer best-in-class K-band blind-spot-monitor filtering as well as traffic sensor rejection, Ka band segmentation, K narrow, frequency display and POP mode.

Key features of the Radenso SP:

  •     LNA equipped antenna board for highest possible sensitivity on all bands
  •     Ka band segmentation (10 segments)
  •     K narrow band
  •     Low power / low frequency K band detection down to 23.950 GHz
  •     BSM / CAS filter to eliminate falsing from newer cars
  •     Separate TSR filter to eliminate falsing from Traffic sensors
  •     Spectre IV and Spectre Elite detection below 20 ft

At $249, this new Radenso represents one of the great values in the industry.

We’ll follow-up with a more thorough review shortly.

You can purchase this Radenso radar detector from RadarBusters

Our industry loses another luminary

It brings me great sadness to write that yet another luminary, of the radar detector industry, recently passed away.

R. Gregory Blair, joined the Escort team late in 1984 and was largely responsible for the turn around of the company in the wake of Cincinnati Microwave’s reorganization.  Mr. Blair acquired Escort in 1997 as part of their asset sale.

During this time, Mr. Blair made a purchasing play for Whistler, but eventually was successful at acquiring Beltronics–who themselves were experiencing financial difficulties–in an interesting twist of events.

He managed to put together a highly successful team which took both brands of Escort and Beltronics to new heights through his years at Escort until his retirement in 2013.

One of his colleagues recently told me that Greg was one of the very best CEO’s that he has ever worked with.  Greg’s approach to management was to assemble the best talent possible, then get out of the way, and let his team succeed without having to resort to micro-management.

His successes with Escort culminated into his recognition by Ernst & Young as Entrepreneur of the Year” in late 2002. Under his guidance of Escort and Beltronics, Greg was responsible for what has been the only (major) North American manufacturer of consumer electronics.

Craig Peterson (of RadarTest) summed up Mr. Blair’s talents, succinctly, as being “smart, savvy and the guiding force behind the resurrection of Escort.”

His influence continues well beyond his time here and he will be missed by many.

Additional References:

Escort Max 360ci Beats ALP, Stinger Laser Jamming in Early Testing

Escort Max 360ci Beats All Comers in Early Testing

Escort’s new shifters dominate the ALP and Stinger VIP jammers

BREAKING: 03/31/17

Escort Max Ci 360
Escort Max Ci 360

Hold on to your hats boy and girls!

Escort’s new Escort Max Ci 360 and Escort Max Ci are going to shake things up in a big way.

Early testing has shown that their new laser shifters (which will be available as a separate stand-alone system) dominated a recent “closed” test.

DragonEye Compact
DragonEye Compact (VPR)

When pitted against a late model Dragon Eye Compact (VPR) laser gun the results of jamming performance were:

  • AntiLaser Priority (Triple): 70% effective
  • Escort “Shifters” (Dual): 100% effective
  • Stinger VIP (Triple, non fiber): 0% effective (including no detection)
More testing is, of course, in order, but initial tests are demonstrating that Escort will be establishing themselves as a provider of class-leading laser jamming systems.

Expect some more test results (along with videos) when our install is formally completed, the test mule will remain a Silver E39 BMW and I’ll be retiring all the previous remotes: the Beltronics STiR, Beltronics STiR Plus, and the Escort Passport 9500ci.

ALP, K40, and Stinger…there’s a new sheriff in town.

Veil Guy

Escort Max Ci and Escort Max Ci 360 Radar Detectors Take Extreme to the Next Level

Escort Max Ci and Escort Max Ci 360 Radar Detectors Take Extreme to Next Level

Escort to release two new custom-installed remote-mounted radar detectors to update the aging Escort Passport 9500ci.

Escort Max Ci & Escort Max Ci 360 Radar Detectors
Escort Max Ci & Escort Max Ci 360 Customer Installed Radar Detector

Key features of the new Escort Max Ci & Escort Max Ci 360 Radar Detectors:

  • Updated Platform
  • All-Digital Back-end Processing
  • More Advanced IVT Filtering
  • Stealth Undetectable Design
  • Front & Rear Facing Antennas
  • Front & Rear Laser Jamming
  • Improved Laser Jamming
  • Built-In GPS
  • Built-In Bluetooth
  • New Four Color OLED Graphic Display
  • More Steamlined Install Modules & Connectivity
  • Easier & More Flexible Install
  • Easily Updated
  • Available in Front-Only (Escort Max Ci) and Front/Rear (Escort Max Ci 360) Configurations

To learn more visit: Escort Max Ci 360 and Escort Max Ci Review/Preview

New & Improved Veil G5.10 Now Shipping

New & Improved Veil G5.10 Now Shipping

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 19, 2016

Veil Corporation, manufacturer of Veil G5, releases new and improved version of Veil G5 called Veil G5.10.

This updated version of Veil G5 has been specifically engineered to counter newer police laser guns which have been making their way into the field–including jam resistant police lasers.

Veil G5.10 has been designed to be most effective in a two coat application process, instead of just one (like previous versions of Veil), to further decrease the targeting range of police laser as well as improve the blocking of infrared imaging used by IR photo enforcement and license plate scanning systems.

This new version of Veil was designed to be lighter and less noticeable than previous versions of Veil when applied to both license plates and headlights.

Controlled testing has shown Veil G5.10 to further reduce the targeting range of headlights with two-coats of Veil G5.10 versus a one-coat of Veil G5–while retaining a similar appearance to a one-coat application of Veil G5.

However, the “tests” that matter most are those conducted in the real-world, against genuine police laser enforcement in real-world targeting scenarios.  Such tests have demonstrated noticeable improvements with Veil G5.10 as a countermeasure to police laser traffic enforcement.

Veil G5.10 is currently shipping and is also available through their authorized dealers.  The retail pricing of Veil G5.10 remains unchanged at $97.95USD.

More information about Veil can be found at:

Contact Info:

Tel: +1 774 773 8345


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Veil Guy’s in-depth Escort iX Radar Detector Review

Veil Guy’s in-depth Escort iX Radar Detector Review

Escort iX

It’s been long in the making, but Escort has finally performed a proper makeover of their best selling radar detector of all time, the Passport 9500ix.

While the Passport 9500ix was their most widely popular radar detector, it did come with some shortcomings. Fortunately for all of us, Escort got this new detector right, at the outset, and addressed just about all of them.

Read the full Escort iX Review to find out how.